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Jun 26, 2015
The Bithax General Forum Rules

This section is for discussing anything.
  • No posting exe's
  • No posting / links to illegal stuff
  • Moderators have the final say
  • If it feels like advertising we'll ban you
  • No selling/buying/trading on this forum
  • No advertising in signatures. Setting a link in the Home Page of your profile is fine.
  • Use common sense
What is common sense?
Common sense is to know that you should not:
  • Excessively shitpost
  • Excessively troll
  • Excessively be a douche
  • Be overly aggressive
  • Be off-topic in an on-topic thread (like asking if something is UD in a discussion about features)
  • Post obnoxiously large pictures (if it's not relative to the thread)
  • Actively advertise
  • Don't rep4rep
Common sense is also to:
  • Search before you post.
  • Search threads before you post.
  • Be polite if people are helping you.
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