Experience with bithax?


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Aug 12, 2021
Hey, I read through a few threads and learned a lot about this cheat.
Still, I would like a few answers about your own experiences with the cheat.
my questions would be:

1. Has it really never been detected in the past 6 years?

2. Could you cheat on your main account? So do you trust the cheat that it stays undetected?

3. Would you recommend the cheat to me? could you say that everything he offers is great and the risk of being banned is very low if you cheat "legit"?

4. Does anyone have legit cheat experience? And could share this with me so that I am not banned (overwatch)?

5. Have you been banned from using Bithax on your accounts? If so, on how many and why?


Jul 4, 2015
1. Yes. I've been using it since the beginning, never been vacced.

2. Yes. I play on my main all the time, I've played with pretty decent inventories too, the only cheat I trust 100%.

3. If you legit-cheat then yes. I've used a lot of other services in the past, I even have a lifetime acc for one right now, but I ALWAYS come back to bithax.

4. I often play 0.5 aim on body and default rcs, visuals on spotted or visible only, it's so hard to get overwatched. If your aim is already decent you can get away with up to 1.5 aim str but you'll get called out a lot in lower ranks.

5. Never vac, but a few overwatches. In all of these cases I had maxed out aim and rcs, playing as blatant as bithax allows 100% knowing what the result will be.

11/10 would always recommend to legit-cheaters


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Jul 7, 2015
I've never been VAC or overwatch banned because of this cheat and have been using it since the public release on multiple accounts, at times with an inventory value >1k.

Apart from the security and awesome update speed, the aimbot is what really sets this one apart. You'll probably want to tweak it a bit so it blends well into your playstyle but damn, it's really, really good (as in, legit looking).

Personally, I absolutely can't play legit with the glow. I'm usually actually worse when using it, because I try so hard not to hide my knowledge. For legit cheating I'd suggest a reasonably low aim strength and a trigger key with a low delay (but use it sparingly and don't hold close angles with it); that's what got me to global. (I'm legit DMG or LE at best.)


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Jan 4, 2018
Bithax is one of the two cheats I trust to cheat on decent accounts, I dont cheat on my main anymore, but I cheat on a level 60 that I put gloves/knives on from time to time, the only reason I don't use Bithax as much anymore is because of country's economical situation and the value of my currency + my other cheat is lifetime, but I cant wait to get back to Bithax and even start streaming again (streamed for 3 years with a decent following and never been called out with Bithax, so its perfect for legit cheating) if you are a good aimer/player you become a super hero using the aim assist, even with low settings.

TL;DR Bithax is great, give daddy clockwork some money so he can buy coffee