1. T

    Experience with bithax?

    Hey, I read through a few threads and learned a lot about this cheat. Still, I would like a few answers about your own experiences with the cheat. my questions would be: 1. Has it really never been detected in the past 6 years? 2. Could you cheat on your main account? So do you trust the cheat...
  2. S

    Ban waves going on, bithax still going strong ? :)

    Yo, as I've seen some recent detections on other cheat platforms just wondering if bithax users are still safe? :) Way a go if you dodged it!
  3. th3m0th

    How can I pay Clockwork with a 25$ Amazon giftcard.

    Since my PayPal is fucked, I bought one so I can pay clock(or any admin) with it. Is there a certain protocol in order to get it to him?